In order to fulfill its objectives the Project will undertake the following main Activities:

  • Management and coordination.
  • 4 Experiential workshops for media stakeholders; development of educational modules, material and research report.
  • 4 Empowerment workshops for women politicians and candidates; TNA to assess needs; guide with practical advice, case stories, language examples and proposed solutions.
  • Dissemination: website, press releases, TV spot, dissemination of guide and research report, concluding conference.

The project addresses two target groups:

  1. Greek female politicians and candidates in the public sphere.
  2. Media stakeholders (journalists, media studies students, bloggers)

More specifically:

  • Workshops targeted at journalists, practitioners and students of media faculties, aiming at informing stakeholders about issues of equal opportunities and gender discrimination in representations of women within the public sphere but also about issues at stake regarding women’s position in the workplace. Workshop participants will engage with real life stories and case studies presented by widely acknowledged professionals of the media industry as well as work in groups in an attempt to develop a concrete code of ethics regarding equal opportunities in gender representation within the public sphere.
  • Specialized educational material from workshops: The activity will employ material generated within the training workshops for practitioners / journalists and media studies students. This material (lectures, speeches, questionnaires data, participants’ reports) will further inform policy, research and educational agendas. The material will particularly address issues involved in gender discrimination and will be employed as a contribution to further policy making and research regarding equal opportunities within public debates and in the workplace (e.g.draft code of conduct with practical steps towards recognizing and confronting discrimination).
  • A TNA (Training Needs Analysis-TNA) will be conducted to discover perceptions behind gender inequality in media coverage of women politicians and candidates and what in terms of training could empower them to respond to it in public debates. Interviews and focus groups will be organized. Training modules and material will be designed on the basis of the findings of the TNA results.
  • Training Workshops for women politicians and candidates based on experiential learning and making use of real cases and scenarios. 4 workshops (2 days/12 hours each) will be organized in Athens (2) and Thessaloniki (2). Each workshop will host up to 25 women and will have an interactive format.
  • Best practice guide for women participating in public debates and fora: A guide with practical advice for women who participate in public debates in order to recognize and confront sexism and discriminatory remarks will be produced. The Guide will include practical advice, case stories, language examples and solution suggestions aiming at informing political, public and communication stakeholders about issues that may arise in public debates.

These actions aim at:

  a) fostering women’s participation in public debates and the Media.

  b) combating stereotypical and sexist behaviors towards women.

  c) communicating the problem and engaging various stakeholders in order to maximize the project’s impact.

These aims will be achieved through a website, press releases, a final conference and a Memorandum between stakeholders.

This Project was co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020). Τhe content of this website represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains.